Web Accessibility Services

Website Accessibility Consulting, Auditing, Remediation, & Training for WCAG 508 & ADA Website Compliance


In 2020, ADA web accessibility compliance is a requirement. You either do it, or you risk getting sued. 

Trust our team of seasoned web accessibility consultants to reduce your legal exposure, and make your website accessible to over 61M people with disabilities. All are senior level with over 16 years in web accessibility. Each is a web accessibility expert who also understands web design and the code itself. We speak geek. Fluently. And that’s essential to for delivering WCAG web compliance.

We do not take short-cuts. No “accessibility” toolbar widgets. No fragile overlay bandaids. No too-good-to-be-true automated AI solutions. Such solutions only mask the problems, and fail to deliver actual web accessibility, or legal protection.

Instead we do it the right way. We use the best practices and tools to deliver web accessibility compliance.

We are pragmatists who understand the realities of marketing, budgets, and business. That, combined with Propeller’s 23 years in website development and digital marketing, make us the perfect partner to bring your website into compliance.


Web Accessibility Compliance Consulting

Guidance in establishing an accessibility program to best serve all visitors and avoid litigation.

  • Risk Assessments
  • Web Accessibility Policy & Statement
  • Leadership Education
  • Pragmatic Guidance
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ADA Compliance Testing & Auditing

360 audits that offer the most thorough and useful reporting.

  • Automated Testing using advanced tools
  • Manual Code Review
  • Assistive Technology Review
  • Remediation Guidance to Fix Violations
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WCAG / ADA Accessible Website Remediation

Rely on experts to bring your website into compliance.

  • Design remediation for vision issues
  • Code remediation to enable assistive technologies to work
  • Content and PDF remediation
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Web Accessibility Training

We empower your team to ensure your website is remediated correctly and remains accessible thereafter.

  • Guides your developers and content producers
  • Introductory and advanced web accessibility on-site classes for design, development, and content teams
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VPAT Services

Volunteer Product Accessibility Template authoring services.

  • VPAT authoring by accessibility experts
  • Save time and ensure proper execution
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ADA Legal Network

We can help you find an attorney and collaborate to

  • Create a legal plan
  • Create and support an accessibility program
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