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teacher addressing web accessibility training class for ADA compliance

Web Accessibility Training

Remote Web Accessibility Training for Sect 508 / ADA / WCAG Website Compliance

Brands and institutions today are eager to ensure their digital properties comply with federal and state accessibility laws, which today apply to websites, web apps and mobile apps. Such organizations also recognize thier moral obligations to make sure their digital properties are accessibile and not discriminatory. In doing so, not only are they able to avoid the hassle and cost of on-going ADA related legal actions, but they have this opportunity to show through action, their committment to inclusion.

The process of getting there requires more than a web accessibility policy statement, and adding image alt tags. It's much deeper and involves web designers, front side developers and content contributors. 

Since COVID, we have shifted from on-site classroom trainings to remote video training. All are live. None are canned.


Creating a Custom Remote Website ADA Compliance Training Program for YOUR TEAM.

Rather than take a generic training approach, we recognize that each company has unique digital properties built on a multitude of potential platforms. And each brand is at a different stage in their web accessibility journey. Different teams and individuals have different levels of experience in digital accessibilty and familiarity of technical WCAG compliance standards. Therefore our approach is to develop a custom web accessibility training program that will be most relevant and therefore effective for your teams.

In order to make our trainings as relevant as possible, we strongly suggest having us first audit your website or other relevant digital properties. The resulting audit report will not only be an essential guide for identifying issues, it itself is a WCAG training guide for how to remediate the website or app. We then pull examples from the audit into our training curriculum to provide context and relevancy for each lesson. This combination has shown to be very successful.


Our Process for Developing Your Custom Live Video WCAG Compliance Training Program

  1. Listen
    What is the catalyst and driving forces internally? What are your goals? Which teams require training. How large are your teams? What level of web accessibity experience do your teams already have? What type of digital properties do you have and are there seperate teams for each? What is your target budget range?
  2. Propose A Remote Online Web Accessibility Training Program
    Based on your needs and budget, we'll propose an appropriate digital accessibility training program 
  3. Develop A Customized Curriculum 
    We will create a custom WCAG training program that will address the needs of each team and each property. To maximize the each lesson's impact, we will draw examples from your audit results to make each point more relevant.
  4. Delivery
    Tranings are delivered remotely and include Q&A. Trainings are recorded and provide on-going value for onboarding subsequent team members.


WCAG Training Topics

We offer curriculum to suite very different teams, from executives, to designers, to developers, to content teams. Time commitments range from 3 hours to 3 days.

Intro to Digital Accessibility

Recommended for all teams
- Digital Accessibility Concepts
- Legal Landscape
- Creating a Culture of Accessibility

Web Accessibility for Content Teams

- Accessibility & WCAG fundamentals
- Use of color
- Page structure and headings
- Media

Web Accessibility for Designers

- Accessibility & WCAG fundamentals
- Assistive technologies
- Use of color
- Typography
- Keyboard controls & focus states
- Navigation
- Tables
- Dynamic controls

Intro to Web Accessibility for Developers

- Accessibility & WCAG fundamentals
- Assistive technologies
- Use of color
- Typography
- Keyboard controls & focus states
- Navigation
- Labeling and Alt Text
- Tables
- Dynamic controls
- Intro to ARIA
- Testing tools

Advanced ARIA

- ARIA and use cases
- ARIA and the DOM
- ARIA testing and success criteria

Screen Readers & Assistive Technologies

- Intro to major screen readers : JAWS, NVDA, Zoom Text and Dragon Naturally Speaking for desktop and TalkBack (Android) and VoiceOver (iOS) for mobile.
- Navigating websites and apps


About Our Web Accessibility Training Insructors

Our instructors are accessibility experts who provide auditing and remediation guidance on a wide range of platforms daily. They are deeply experienced as everyone on our team has more than 18 years in digital accessibility, and our team lead serves on the WCAG 3.0 team developing the next set of standards. We have no interns or junior staff. We're a specialized boutique of web accessibility experts that have worked in every industry and practically every scenario and platform. 


Contact us to learn more.