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Propeller Media Works

About Us

Web Development Pros + Web Accessibility Experts is a brand of Propeller Media Works. Propeller was founded in 1997 and specializes in custom accessible web design, digital marketing and WCAG remediation.

The team focuses exclusively on digital accessibility consulting, ADA / 508 / WCAG auditing, remediation, and training to ensure our client's websites, mobile apps, and web apps meet current WCAG standards and therefore comply with international, national, and state accessibility laws. 

We are strong supporters of people with disabilities and are active web accessibility advocates. We are also troubled by waves of click-by lawsuits that are affecting so many website owners. Our goal is to help organizations make their websites and digital properties inclusive to all, while reducing legal exposure for website owners.

The Accessibility.Works crewmembers are all seasoned digital accessibility experts. Our team lead is on the W3C's WCAG 2.1 and 3.0 teams developing the international standards for digital accessibility. Each is senior level with over 19 years in web accessibility. Each also understands web design and the code itself. We all speak geek. Fluently. And that’s essential for providing actionable guidance for developers to properly remediate issues and ensure 508 and ADA compliance.

We do not take short-cuts. No fragile overlay bandaids. No “accessibility” toolbar widgets. No too-good-to-be-true AI gimmicks. These solutions only mask the problems, and fail to deliver actual web accessibility, or legal protection. In fact, use of these overlay widgets is proving to make websites more vulnerable to lawsuits and demand letters by signaling trolls that the website is not accessible.

Instead we do it the right way. We take a human-centric approach using accepted best practices that combine the best tools available with highly experienced web accessibility experts to properly guide clients toward web accessibility compliance.

In addition to being web accessibility experts, we are also pragmatists who understand the realities of marketing, budgets, and business. That, combined with Propeller’s 27 years in website development and digital marketing, make us the perfect partner to bring your website into compliance.

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