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WCAG / ADA Accessible Website Remediation

Are you looking for a web accessibility team to remediate your website to comply with the ADA (commercial websites) or Section 508/504 of the Rehabilitation Act (gov/public websites)? Or California's Unruh Act or other state accesibilty laws? By meeting WCAG 2.1 A, AA standards, you will meet all US laws and ensure universal access to your website. We will get you there.


The process of making your website accessible and WCAG compliant involves a two step process. First we start with a thorough accessibility audit of the website to identify all WCAG violations. Then we perform WCAG website remediation to fix those issues. 

Although many companies have their own web development team, some may lack the bandwidth to take on such a project. Others would feel better having a team of accessibility experts perform the WCAG remediation. Whether your website is built on Wordpress, Drupal, Shopify, or many others, we can step in and apply our knowledge of accessibility to ensure your website meets WCAG standards to comply with the ADA, 508 and state laws.

  • Web designers and developers experienced in WCAG website remediation
  • WCAG compliance testing to verify 508/ADA compliance
  • Content and PDF remediation
  • Final verification audit
  • Certification 


For those with an existing website development team, we can provide on-going website remediation consulting to guide your team towards WCAG and 508/ADA compliance.

  • General orientation and education
  • Auditing and remediation guide
  • Customized WCAG development guide
  • On-going technical remediation consulting
  • Final verifiction audit
  • Certification

Even during the pandemic, the flow of web-related ADA suits and demand letters has not subsided. Businesses are being repeatedly served at a most difficult time. By starting early, you can reduce your legal exposure while better serving a community that is in greatest need for digital access. Act sooner than later.