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WCAG / ADA Accessible Website Remediation

Are you looking for a web accessibility team to remediate your Wordpress or Shopify website to comply with the ADA and other laws in the US and internationally requiring web accessibility By meeting WCAG 2.1 A, AA standards, you will meet all US Federal and State and most laws in other countries and ensure universal access to your website. We will get you there.

Accessibility.Works + Propeller Media Works = The Ultimate Auditing & Remediation Team

What makes us unique is that our company has two divisions:
1. the AccessibilityWorks team of accessibility consultants
2. Propeller Media Works team of web developers.

Propeller was founded in 1997 and is the parent company. The combination provides an unmatched combination of talent and experience.



Achieving Website Compliance

The process of making your website accessible and WCAG compliant involves a three step process. First the AccessibilityWorks auditing teams conducts a comprehensive accessibility audit of the website to identify all WCAG violations. Then our Propeller Media Works team steps in to conduct remediation with oversight by the AccessibilityWorks consultants. Once complete, the AccessibilityWorks team steps in to verify that all issues were properly addressed and the site is WCAG compliant.

  • Web designers and developers experienced in WCAG website remediation
  • WCAG compliance testing to verify 508/ADA compliance
  • Final verification audit
  • Verification