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Web Accessibility Compliance Consulting

Experienced WCAG - Sect 508 & ADA Compliance Consultants

Our team of web accessibility consultants will help bring your digital properties into ADA or Sect 508 compliance by meeting current Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) standards for digital accessibility. The WCAG is the in-practice standard for compliance of the American Disabilities Act and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. The ADA dictates commercial enterprises, and Sect 508 dictates government entities.

While mobile apps and web-based SaaS software do need to meet ADA or 508 compliance, the primary focus of disability advocates as well as legal trolls are websites. The Department of Justice and the courts have made it clear that websites are subject to the ADA, and a rapidly growing number of serial plaintff firms are going after owners of websites that fail to comply with the WCAG. And most do fail, because unless a website is specifically designed and coded to meet these guidelines, it will not be accessible. 

Our ADA web compliance consultants will guide your team about the risks and options - always with a pragmatic approach. We can also help guide internal policy as well as public facing language for your website's web accessibility statement. Creating a culture of accessibility is the key to ensuring that design, development, and content teams get the necessary support to ensure your website becomes and continues to be accessible. Doing so not only helps an organization avoid legal issues, but also opens their websites to millions with disabilities. Its just smart business that we want to promote and assist.

Steps For WCAG Compliance

  1. Understand what accessibility is and why its important to your business, institution, or organization. Its important for key stakeholders to understand the risks, opportunities, and solutions first. 
  2. Develop a web compliance game plan based on the context of your organization. Are you in a reactive position facing an existign legal action, or are you trying to avoid one? At what point is your website in its lifecycle? Should you fix the current site or consider a redesign?
  3. Address the website. Whether building fresh, or fixing the current one, work with a professional team that not only understands accessibility and the nuances of the WCAG, but who also understands the code. Our team speaks geek fluently.
  4. Maintain documentation of the work, and publish a web accessibility statement on your website. Here is a web accessibility statement guide.
  5. Schedule periodic audits based on risk tolerance, budget, and how frequently your website is updated.

Things To Look Out For

Don't Rely Solely on Automated Audits
The WCAG is nuanced and interpretive. Automated tools, at best can only detect 30% of WCAG issues. Manual and assistive technology testing must be conducted to capture the remaining 70%.

Beware of Overlay Widgets, Plugins or Toolbars
If it sounds too good to be true, it is. The demand is high for quick, easy and inexpensive WCAG compliance solutions, and there are a growing number of short-cut solution providers trying to take advantage of that demand. While they sound good - especially those claiming AI, ultimately they fail to deliver a truely accessible solution for people with disabiltites and also do not provide a high level of legal protection. Even worse, serial plaintiffs now seem to be drawn to websites using overlays. Here is more information about overlays and why should never use one.

Choosing The Right 508/ADA WCAG Web Accessibility Compliance Consultant

The key in selecting a partner to provide web accessibility consulting is to find a team that not only has deep experience and knowledge of the WCAG/ADA/Sect 508 in the US and other countries, but who also understands the marketing and business goals of the client. Further, its essential that the web accessibility expert also understand web design and the code. Our team are all senior level. Each has more than 16 years in digital accessibility. Each also speaks geek. Fluently.

We also pride ourselves as pragmatists who understand the realities of marketing, budgets, and business. That combined with our 25 years in website development and digital marketing, make us the perfect partner to bring your website into compliance.