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The Key To An Effective Web Accessibility Training Program

David Gibson

Brands and institutions are finding the pool of web designers, developers, and content managers who can build and maintain accessible ADA compliant websites, web apps and mobile applications is very shallow. They’re just not out there, or they’re simply priced out. 

Therefore more organizations are looking for accessible WCAG training programs to strengthen their existing teams. 

There are a number of really solid web accessibility training programs out there. The problem with most is that they’re canned. Did you ever take music instrument classes but you didn't dig the music? Canned training programs use canned content that fails to connect with learners.

Customized Website ADA Compliance Training Courses are more relevant. Relevancy matters.

Our approach is different. Rather than try to fit you into an existing package, we design a curriculum that fits you.

So first, before we even start, we listen and ask

  • What is the current business/compliance/legal/DEI situation that is driving the need for digital accessibility training?
  • What are your short term and long term goals?
  • What are the digital properties in question - websites, web apps, mobile apps? 
  • What is the level of knowledge and experience in digital accessibility of your current team - what are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Then, what would be a realistic budget for your organization?

We then propose a customized curriculum based on your answers.

Relevancy is the key to the success of our accessibility training program

Relevancy is key because a customized training program is more engaging. Engaged people learn quicker and retain what they learn longer. We increase relevancy by accurately leveling curriculum to meet your team’s knowledge level and role. Relevancy is increased even more by customizing the curriculum with real examples pulled from the team’s own websites or apps. 

Therefore, we start with a full WCAG audit of the existing properties. And this is very valuable. Not only will this audit provide the essential context to make the content of the curriculum relevant, but it also provides the team with a very clear view of the state of the website or app’s accessibility. The audit will not only show the where and what existing WCAG issues throughout the website or app, but most valuably, they will provide the guidance to remediate each. That guidance itself is an important teaching tool.

For your team to have this in hand before the training begins, means that they walk in with context to fuel their engagement. They will have lists of questions. They will be ready to make the most of this opportunity.

And they will welcome it. In our experience, web designers and developers love new challenges and are enthusiastic when given an opportunity to make what they build work better for all users. And digital accessibility is a noble mission that instills additional pride.

All it takes is for them to see the intrinsic barriers that exist for people with disabilities trying to navigate traditional websites and apps that have not been built to WCAG compliance standards, and they are in. In with both feet!

As any manager knows, having employees that are engaged and challenged is the key to retention (of at least the good ones). 

Please reach out if you’d like to fuel your team with energy and resources to ensure your digital properties are accessible to all visitors, and are compliant with the ADA and other federal and state accessibility regulations.

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Photo by Yan Krukov