Web Accessibility Compliance Consulting

Experienced WCAG - Sect 508 & ADA Compliance Consultants

Our team of web accessibility consultants will help guide you and your team toward better website accessibility to conform to the WCAG which is the in-practice guideline for meeting the American Disabilities Act and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

The DOJ and the courts have made it clear that websites are subject to the ADA, and a new cottage industry has emerged to go after website owners with websites that fail to comply with the WCAG and ADA or section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. 

We can provide education to your team about the risks and options. We can also help guide internal policy as well as public facing language for your website's web accessibility statement. Creating a culture of accessibility is the key to ensuring that design, development, and content teams get the necessary support to then make sure your website becomes and continues to be accessible. Doing so not only helps an organization avoid legal issues, but also opens their websites to millions with disabilities. Its just smart business that we want to promote and assist.