Website Remediation

Website Remediation to Conform to WCAG for ADA & Section 508 Website Compliance

We always recommend that your existing web development partner along with your internal content team conduct remediation after having the website thoroughly audited. They know your website best and through this process they will learn how to avoid future WCAG violations. 

Should that team not be available, in many cases we can provide website accessibility remediation to comply with the ADA and Section 508 as defined by the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG).

Web Design Accessibility Remediation

Taking vision disabilities to include color blindness into account, we can address design issues to meet WCAG requirements.


Website Code Remediation 

Depending on the platform that your website is built on, we can address WCAG violations.


Website Content Remediation

Many WCAG issues can be addressed through your content management system. 


PDF Remediation

PDFs frequently have WCAG challenges for section 508 or ADA compliance.