ADA WCAG 2.0 Background & Guidelines


Testing & Dev Tools

  • Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) by SSB Bart Group (starting at $13K/yr) 
    • Enterprise level
    • Very thorough and used by remediation experts
    • Reporting and remediation management
    • Very expensive
  • WordSpace by Deque (pronounced D-Q)
    • Enterprise level
    • They offer a suite of testing, monitoring, and reporting tools
    • They also offer a free in-line testing extension for Firefox and Chrome called FireEyes.
  • Wave : ADA Compliance Validator - Free
    • Page by page
    • Issues are overlaid on page
    • Good entry level for non technical people
  • : ADA Compliance Auditor 
    • Multi-page audits and reporting - they are currently working on a full-site audit spider due in August 2016, but until then one can get a listing of all pages on the site and load that for full site auditing.
    • Great for developers
    • API
    • Monthly rates as low as $19/mo
  • SortSite Accessibility Validator by Power Mapper
    They offer two versions: Desktop ($149-$849/user) and Cloud ($49/mo/user)
    • Checks an entire site and provides Excel and Word reports
    • WCAG 2.0 117 tests at A, AA, and AAA levels
  • Colour Contrast Analyser (yes, its spelled that way) by The Peciello Group and JUn
    PC and Mac versions allow designers to test for proper contrast and color blindness.
  • "No Coffee" Vision Simulator Chrome Plugin simulates how pages appear for people with various vision issues.